Neutering, or spaying, involves the surgical removal of the ovaries & uterus (ovariohysterectomy), and is commonly performed before the first season. Surgery can be performed from 6-9 months of age, depending on the breed, providing the bitch is not in season (in heat). However if surgery is delayed then the best time to spay is 3 months after a season (or mid-way between seasons).


-Your bitch will no longer come into season – so no mess or inconvenience.
-She will be unable to become pregnant – so no unwanted litters.
-The risk of developing a potentially life-threatening uterine infection (pyometra) is removed. This is a not uncommon condition in middle-aged un-spayed bitches.
-The chances of developing hormone induced mammary (breast) cancer is much decreased.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will spaying change her temperament? No, a dog’s personality does not fully develop until at least 1 year old. Any changes in personality after spaying at an early age would, most likely, have occurred without spaying.

Will it make her fat? No, the hormonal changes may reduce her metabolic rate slightly, causing a small increase in weight. This is prevented by adjusting food intake & ensuring a good level of exercise is maintained. We advise a weight check 3-4 months after spaying.

Shouldn’t my bitch have a season first? No, there is no medical reason to allow a bitch to have a season before spaying. She could become pregnant if caught in her first season.

Shouldn’t my bitch have a litter first? No, there is no advantage in breeding a bitch before spaying. Allowing a bitch to become pregnant can result in the need for a caesarean section or not being able to find suitable homes for the puppies.

The Procedure

-You will need an appointment prior to surgery for the Veterinary Surgeon to check over your dog to ensure she is fit for surgery.
-It is important that your dog does not have anything to eat after 8:30pm the night before surgery.
-After admission she will have a general anaesthetic & surgery is performed through an incision in the abdomen to remove both ovaries & uterus. Three layers of stitches are used to close the incision.
-Your dog will go home later the same afternoon. Full after care instructions will be given on discharge.
-A post-op check will need to be booked 2-4 days after surgery & stitches are removed 10-14 days post- surgery.


Cat Spay

Young Adult under 12 months £82.00


Cat Castration

Young Adult under 12 months £61.50

Mature – over 12 months £67.00

Bitch Spay

  • Under 10kg – £201.50
  • 10-20kg – £227.00
  • 20-35kg – £255.00
  • 35-50kg – £287.50
  • 50kg plus – £313.50

Dog Castration

  • Under 10kg – £161.50
  • 10-20kg – £182.50
  • 20-35kg – £201.50
  • 35-50kg – £229.00
  • 50kg plus – £259.00


  • Rabbit Spay £89.50
  • Rabbit Spay Giant £105.50
  • Rabbit Castration £82.50
  • Ferret Spay £78.50
  • Ferret Castration £80.32
  • Guinea Pig Castration £82.50