Pre – Operative Advice for your pet

All pets in this practice are anaesthetised with the safest and most modern veterinary anaesthetics as standard, therefore reducing risks to a minimum. Please expect some areas of your pet to be shaved to allow medication to be given and monitoring equipment to be used.

To ensure that your pet is ready for admission, and procedures run smoothly on the day please follow the following instructions unless specifically told otherwise:

Please bring your pet to the surgery you have booked with on the morning of the operation. They should be as clean and dry as possible (a quick shampoo the previous day helps (for dogs!) in preparation for going into an operating theatre.

No food should be given after 7pm the evening before surgery. Water should be available overnight and taken away by 7am on the morning of admission. This is extremely IMPORTANT and if not adhered to may lead to the operation being postponed.

Please take your pet out for a short walk in the morning to empty the bowels and bladder.

Please keep cats indoors overnight, giving them access to a litter tray.

Please leave food and water with Rabbits at all times.

Before any anaesthetic or surgical procedures can begin we must, by law, have a consent form completed. This will need to be signed by the owner or an agent acting on the owner’s behalf, but they must be over the age of 18.

Pre-operative health check

You will be asked to have a FREE pre-operative health check a few days before the operation. This is to check the health of your pet and to talk about the operation e.g. to check if your female is showing any signs of a false pregnancy and for males both testicals are descended, in the case of neuterings.

You will be offered a pre operative blood test at this appointment which will be carried out before the operation. This is to check the liver and kidney function of your pet and can detect underlying conditions that may affect our choice of anaesthetic. We do recommend this for pets over the age of 8 but this can be performed at any age.

We will require a contact number where we can contact you all day, or if you are unavailable an agent who can act on your behalf. We require this number just incase we need to speak to you about treatment, or we fine something unexpected and need your permission to act upon it.


After surgery

Please phone the surgery at Midday where we can then inform you how the procedure went and the time that your pet can be discharged.

After a general anaesthetic they may be drowsy and we advise that you to collect your pet by car or some other means of transport.

A post operative care sheet will be given to you when you collect your pet from the surgery, which has information and advice for your pet after an anaesthetic for you to read at home.

Your pet will be sent home wearing an Elizabethan Collar which they need to wear for the duration that there are stitches in place.

They will also be sent home with a tin/pouch of Royal Canin Sensitive Control Recovery Diet.

Please note that payment is required when your pet is collected.

If you are unable to attend the surgery for the operation for any reason please can you let the surgery know as soon as possible so that slot can be allocated to another animal.

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the surgery.