Pet Health Counsellor Award

Senior Nurse Clare Cartwright holding award

Huge congratulations to our Formby Senior Head Nurse Clare Cartwright who was awarded an Outstanding Contribution to Pet Health Counselling Gold Award at the Royal Canin Pet Health Counsellor Awards in February 2018 🎉 

⭐️ This is a very prestigious award that has only been given 4 times in the last 25 years and is in recognition of all the hard work Clare has put in as a pet health counsellor over the last 10 years. Clare runs lots of different nurse clinics at the Formby branch and has helped thousands of pets either loose weight or in mobility or elderly clinics in her time.

Royal Canin (who manufactures and supplies dog and cat food worldwide) praised Clare’s enthusiasm for her work and maintaining her passion for clinics for over 10 years. Clare received the prestigious gold badge from Royal Canin to wear on her uniform.

Clare said: “I am really passionate about running clinics at the practice and helping to educate owners about diet. It is very rewarding when I advise owners on diet and exercise for their pets and see their hard work pay off when their pets reach their target weights which helps to improve their health and lifestyle. That’s all that matters” ❤️.

“I have always loved running weigh in clubs and the key to getting owners to deal with weight and mobility issues is to really engage with them and encourage them to open up about their pet’s weight as it can often be a taboo subject. I also liaise with my colleagues and ask them to refer clients to me. I have a very supportive colleagues at Parker and Crowther.” 🐈 🐕

Clare estimates she sees more than 100 pets a year in her clinics, which means she has helped over 1000 cats and dogs to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

To book an appointment to see Clare or any other of our nurses in a clinic please contact your local branch.