Wildlife Nurse

Meet our wonderful Veterinary Nurse Ashley

Ashley always goes above and beyond to help sick, injured and orphaned animals 🦔

She has helped dozens of wild animals and birds that are brought into our surgeries.

Over the past few years, she has:

🦊 Helped an injured fox that was hit by a car

🦉 Saved a young tawny owl stuck in a football net

🦔 Come to the rescue of dehydrated hedgehogs in a heatwave

🐇 🐀 🐁 🐦 Hand-reared baby rabbits, rats, mice, hedgehogs, pigeons and jackdaws

We’re so proud to have Ashley in the Parker & Crowther team!

Ashley is currently studying for her Advanced Veterinary Nursing Certificate in Zoological, Exotics and Wildlife ✏️

She is learning all about caring for reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, wildlife, avian and zoo animals 🦎

The course covers a range of amazing topics, including nutrition, anatomy, physiology and nursing of common diseases 🩺

Ashley has just passed the wildlife nursing section

Sure you will join us in congratulating her and well done from everyone at Parker & Crowther! Keep going 👍💪❤️

What a hero 💗