Pet Health Plan

We are pleased to announce we now offer a Pet Health Plan. Our Plan allows you to spread the cost  of keeping your pet in peak condition! It includes regular vaccinations, worm, flea and tick treatments, and regular check-ups whilst saving money! There are also other perks included such as money off neutering.


Read our pet health plan terms and conditions here

What's included

•    Essential annual vaccination with a full health check.
•    50% off primary vaccination course (with initial vaccinations typically given between two and four weeks apart).
•    25% off kennel cough vaccination.
•    25% off rabies vaccination.
•    Flea treatments (sufficient for a year), dispensed quarterly.
•    Worm treatments (sufficient for a year), dispensed quarterly.
•    Six-monthly health check with your vet.
•    Selected complimentary nurse clinics (where available).
•    £10 microchipping.
•    10% off food.
•    10% off routine neutering.
•    10% off dental procedures.
•    10% off other parasite treatments.